Started in 2008, Soleil Consulting's founders bring years of experience in clinical healthcare, healthcare IT, and management. Through this collaboration, we were able to build a team of consultants that cover a broad range of healthcare needs.  Our team is composed of clinical analysts, systems engineers, database experts, training and support specialists, and the best project management you can find. 

We take pride in developing close collaborative relationships with our clients, striving to exceed expectations.  We are truly focused on maintaining the highest quality possible on every piece of work we perform. Sustainability is always a Soleil focus. Our solutions are designed for maximum impact. 

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We are not there to simply get the job done within the parameters based on your business model today – we focus on a strategic direction and effective implementation that will be sustainable, short and long-term.  This is how we are working to develop a strong reputation and seek market dominance in our core market niches.

Let’s face it – the business of healthcare is not what it used to be, and it is constantly evolving.  We are at the top of our game, continually enhancing our expertise to enable us to provide leading-edge services as our clients' needs expand over time.  We are committed to the continual professional and career development of our staff, all the while creating and maintaining a collaborative, supportive internal working environment among all employees.